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Dell Newest Generations of Servers, R630, R730 and R730XD.

We currently have large stocks of Dell's latest Server and Storage Arrays. We have the new Dell R630, R730 and R720XD Series and if you visit our special offers pages you will find some fantastic offers on these systems and more. Take a look at our R730XD with 12 x 4TB HDD offer that comes with a FREE additional identical system.

This is a highly dense Enterprise class Server products, offering up to 36 Cores, 1Tb Ram and an amazing 48TB all in a condensed 2U chassis.

We are also running strong promotions on nVidia K20 and K40 Grid cards in our systems, look out for those, you can add them into an R720, R720XD, R730 and R730XD machines for only 999 and 1,299.00 respectively.

We offer a lowest price guarantee on any on stock item.

Contact ServerSource today, we will save you money.


ServerSource Sales Team

Dell C6220- Unbeatable Value. Four Dual Socket servers in a 2U Chassis with 24 Way HDD's.

If you are looking for density, performance and above all value, then the Dell PowerEdge C6220 is THE standout product for your organisation.

Here is one of our value offerings, but feel free to call and make changes to the specifications that best suit your needs.
4 x Servers each with Dual 2.2Ghz Eight Core CPU, 48Gb Ram, 6 x 600GB SAS HDD, H710, IDRAC, and a 5Yrs 24/7 4Hr Response Warranty.
@ Just 7,699.00
*1,924.00 Per Server for the same specs. as a single R620 Server!!

1 x Dell C6220 2U 4 Server Chassis
Redundant PSU 1400W
Rackmount Kit
3Yrs 4Hr Response 24/7 Warranty
Our Price: 7,699.00
*1,924.00 Per Server for the same specs. as a single R620 Server

4 x C6220 Servers each with the following specification:
2 x E5-2660 2.2Ghz Eight Core CPU, 20Mb Cache, 8.0GT/s, 95W
48Gb Ram
6 x 600Gb 2.5" SAS HDD
H710 Raid Controller
Quad Port Giga Nic
IDRAC Enterprise
5Yrs Professional Support for IT 24/7 & 4Hr Response

Best Regards

ServerSource Sales Team