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Time to Upgrade your Server or Storage array.

As part of our large supply chain, we can really add some performance to your current units performance.

Do you have an older generation unit that could use a makeover, a pair of 6C or 8C CPU's and a chunk of Ram? Contact us, we can advise you on what works in which product. We can even come to site in or out of hours to upgrade your units quickly with real performance results at a low cost.

We recently took on a large Datacentre project, out of hours, to upgrade a lot of servers (I mean a lot, hundreds!) from Dual Quad Core CPU's to Dual Eight Core CPU's and then we added in 256Gb Ram into each unit. WOW. After the upgrades, the performances went through the roof.

As an Example, take a Dell R620, R720 or an M620 Blade:

A 256Gb Ram upgrade for these units are as low as 999 Pound.

Even 2 x E5-2680V2 2.8Ghz 10C CPU's are only 800 pound.

We can upgrade the firmware, add in some serious improvements.

10Gb Network card, 199 Pound.

We have HDD's, SSD, PCIe cards GPU's and a lot more that can really boost your existing infrastructure performance on a budget.

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